Kiaregi Bees Women Group

Group Information

Kiaregi Bees Women Group is a self-help group founded in 2008. It was started by a group of women, most of who are low income earners, with an objective to improve their livelihoods, create employments, and reduce poverty and society welfare. The group was started as a merry go round by a group of women locals of  Ndunyu Chege, and were later registered as a Self Help Group.
Their main activities have been on empowering the society economically through activities such as bee keeping and supporting members to start dairy farming.
Mission and Vision Statements
Our vision is to have an agricultural driven economy by promoting agricultural sustainability that better nourishes small scale farmers through farming, animal keeping and environmental conservation.
Our mission is to eradicate extreme poverty by facilitating rural development through farming and creating employment.

Project Overview
They are located in Gatanga sub-County, Ndunyu Chege location, about 26 km from Thika town. The choice of location is wholly influenced by the residence of the members. The location has played its advantageous role being close to Thika town and hence opening up the Kiairegi community to development. They seek to have their business expanded to help more people in the rural areas. The postal address is P.O.BOX 2248-01000, Thika.

Bee Keeping
The group has two years experience in bee keeping.
They harvest honey at most three times a year and the local community is their largest market.
They sell pure honey; where purification is done with the purifying sieve, the honey is left to flow through overnight.
Their target is to sell 500 kg of honey per harvest in two years time.


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